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Welcome to Tentrr Camping in Massachusetts

Whether you’re planning your camping trip to go fishing, go hiking, see wildlife, or just get out underneath the stars, Massachusetts is a camper’s dream destination.

One of the most prominent hiking trails--one of the most famous in the world--is the Appalachian Trail, which stretches from Georgia to Maine, and passes through the heart of Massachusetts. Whether you want to use this as a starting point on this 2000 mile backpacker’s dream, or if you just want to say you’ve experienced a few miles of it, you can hike from Mount Everett in the south up to Mount Greylock in the north.

For an entirely different camping experience, explore the 13 islands in Boston Harbor, where you can camp, boat and hike. You’ll never dream you’re so close to a massive city while your alone on these scenic islands.

Camping in Mount Washington State Forest puts you right in the heart of the woods, with 30 miles of trails to explore in this densely forested area. Hike the South Taconic Trail to the 2,250 foot summit of Alander Mountain for a spectacular view.

If you go camping so you can go fishing, there are three totally different kinds of experiences for you in Massachusetts: you could fish in a lake like Pier College Pond or Norton Reservoir, where the bass, pickerel, crappie, and bluegills are biting. Or you could go to the Ipswich River for some fly fishing for the trout that are stocked there. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, go out to the Atlantic at Plymouth Harbor or Castle Island, and see what you can pull out of the ocean.

And don’t forget the wintertime camping. There is enough skiing--both cross country and downhill, boarding, tubing, and ice-fishing to fill a wintry outdoors trip. Warm up in your cozy glamping tent at night, and then get back out there the next day.

Whatever you’re looking for when camping can be found in spades in Massachusetts, from hiking to fishing to skiing. Plan your trip today!

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