Holiday season and Secret Santa. That's a good pair. Almost as good as the outdoors and the gear you use to enjoy it.

As a thank you to our incredible community we wanted to help spread the joy (as well as some cool stuff) this holiday season by launching our first annual Holiday Gift Swap.

The theme for the swap is, of course, Camping and the Outdoors. What’s your go-to gear? What helps you win at camping? What makes your trip the best trip ever? Do you think you could find the Best Outdoor Gift under $30?

Taking part is easy. You must sign up by Thursday, Dec 6, 2018. On Friday, Dec, 7, you will be assigned a member to send a gift, and another member will be assigned to you. We rely on our community to honor their commitment to this exchange – which includes mailing the gift to your recipient by Monday, Dec 17, 2018.

How to take part:

  • Submit your name and address where you would like your gift to be mailed to, as well as a couple of paragraphs describing yourself and your interests by Thursday, Dec 6. Feel free to share a bit about what makes you tick, what you love about the outdoors, etc.
  • You’ll receive your match on Friday, Dec 7. If you have any questions to ask them, let us know and we’ll relay it.
  • Scour the stores for the best outdoor gift under $30
  • Mail your gift by Monday, Dec 17 and send us the tracking information
  • Check your mailbox with bated breath
  • Enjoy the holidays!

When you sign up, you can indicate any preference of outdoor activity, or you can leave it to be surprised. There are no returns, and if you don’t like your gift, please pass it on, or donate it to someone in need.

Sign up here.

That's it – have fun!