Tentrr Pass Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Tentrr Pass refundable?

No, the Tentrr Pass is a non-refundable, non-transferable pass. If you have any concerns with a Tentrr trip please contact us at hello@tentrr.com.

Can I add a weekend to my trip with a weekday pass?

You can add a weekend or other days not covered by the weekday pass but there will be an additional cost since the pass does not cover them.

How long can my trip be?

The Tentrr Flex Pass each trip can be up to 5 days long and with the Tentrr Weekday Pass each trip can be up to 4 days long. You are welcome to book a longer trip than 5 days / 4 days, but you will see the regularly nightly rate for anything beyond what the Pass covers.

Does the pass have stipulations for use?

We have created the passes to be easy to use but there are rules and regulations that the passholder must follow to prevent abuse or misuse. Please review the terms and conditions before purchasing.

How do I use my pass?

After you have created a Tentrr account and activated your pass you can then use your pass on select State Park locations. When you check out it will show there is no cost for the reservation, as long as it's booked within the pass parameters, because you are a passholder.

How do I activate my pass?

Once you purchase your pass you will receive an activation code and information on how to activate your pass through a Tentrr account you set up. It is easy and simple. Once you activate your pass your 12-month subscription will begin.

Why should I buy a pass?

Tentrr passes are the most economical way to stay with Tentrr at State Parks. You get access to over 200+ locations at State Parks across the county and the pass pays for itself after a couple of trips. Bring up to three friends at no extra cost.  It’s a great deal.

Can I cancel a Tentrr Pass reservation?

Yes, you can and should cancel a Tentrr Pass reservation that you do not need. If you do not cancel, you will be considered a "no show". If you no show on 2 Tentrr Pass reservations your pass will be placed on hold, meaning you cannot use it. You can pay a reinstatement fee of $200 to resume your pass.

What happens if I do not use my pass in my first year?

If you do not use your pass (at least 1 completed trip) within the 12 months since activation, it will automatically renew for 6 additional months at NO additional cost.

Does my 12 month subscription start when I buy the pass?

No, you get to choose when to activate your pass, that's when your 12 month period begin.

Can I bring guests?

Yes, you can bring up to 3 additional guests for a total of 4 campers per reservation but you as the passholder must be present during the stay.

Are there blackout dates?


Can I make multiple bookings?

Yes, however, the Flex Pass cannot be used for consecutive weekends at the same state park. You can have 2 active bookings covered by the pass at any given time. If you wish to have more active bookings than 2 at one time you absolutely can; however, the regular nightly rates will apply.

Can I buy this as a gift for someone?

Tentrr Passes make great gifts!  You can buy as many passes for friends and family as availability of the passes allow.