Winter Camping

Not for the faint of heart (or summer snowbirds), winter camping is a true enthusiasts pursuit, but we have a few aces up our sleeve to make it easier.

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While a lot of our sites hibernate for the winter, there are still quite a few that stay open offering their own amenities for the more adventurous camper.

However, some sites have gone to extra lengths to make your late fall and winter stay more cozy. These are marked as Winter Ready and have added items to make sure your stay is nice ‘n toasty.

Winter Ready

Look for sites that have the Winter Kit icon – this way you'll know they'll be prepped for chilly days.
Why camp in winter

As the temperatures drop, so do the crowds. But less people (and bugs) aren’t the only reasons to enjoy off-season camping.

Crisp air means crystal clear views. There’s no better time to really take in the peace and quiet as you cozy up with your cuppa.

A lot of winter camping is about having the right gear. Luckily, we'll help you out there, so all you’ll need are your warm layers, some big puffy sleeping bags and plenty to eat and drink.

Winter kit

Cold weather camping can be a challenging adventure as it is, but these few items go a long way in keeping Jack Frost at bay.

Insulated tent fly: Perfect to shield you from heavy rain or snow.

Insulation flooring: Avoid a case of cold feet with these wall-to-wall floor mats.

Propane Heater: Last but not least, the heat source. Simple to use, this propane heater will keep your tent snug.

Ready to venture out this winter?
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