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Welcome to Tentrr at West Virginia’s Lost River State Park

If you know, you know. West Virginia is one of the best states to explore the outdoors. The entire state is mountainous (yes, its nickname is The Mountain State) and this place truly is “almost heaven.” Located in the eastern panhandle of the state, Lost River State Park is a gorgeous camping adventureland. Surrounded by history—it was the site of the Battle of Lost River in 1757 from the French and Indian War, as well as home to the cabin of General Robert E. Lee’s family summer retreat—it offers a variety of experiences, both wild and mild.

Perhaps known best for its majestic scenic overlook, Lost River State Park boasts a climb up to Cranny Crow, which gives you a view of five West Virginia counties.

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What to do at Lost River State Park

Most hikes in Lost River State Park are short and easy-to-moderate, varying from a half mile to 3.5 miles. For the equestrians in the family, there’s horseback riding, and for the aquaphiles, there’s plenty of river swimming to be had. If you like a little adrenaline, mountain biking is also allowed on many of the trails. If you want to sit back and relax, Lost River State Park is the place to be. It’s a great location for stargazing, being lazy by the river and cooking your favorite meals by the fire.

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