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Welcome to Tentrr Camping in Blackwater Fallls State Park

If you know, you know. West Virginia is one of the best states to explore the outdoors. The entire state is mountainous (yes, its nickname is The Mountain State) and this place truly is “almost heaven.” Located in the Allegheny Mountains, Blackwater Falls State Park is named for the amber waters of Blackwater Falls, a 57-foot cascade tinted by the tannic acid of fallen hemlock and red spruce needles.

The falls, along with a few of the park’s other features like Elakala Falls, Lindy Point and Pendleton Point Overlook, are some of the state’s most photographed spots. Visitors can enjoy the scenic views year-round by taking the steps to the falls or using viewing platforms. The park has 20 miles of hiking trails and the longest sledding magic carpet on the East Coast in the winter..

And one of the best parts? The park is less than an hour away from Washington, D.C. and Williamsburg, VA.

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What to do at Blackwater Falls State Park

While the Blackwater Falls are the main attraction at Blackwater Falls State Park, there’s much more to discover while you’re here. The park offers more than 20 miles of hiking trails and hosts annual spring wildflower and birding pilgrimages.

For the anglers, Pendleton Lake is filled with bass, bluefill, catfish and trout. The nearby Blackwater River also is regularly stocked with trout in the spring and summer.

For those looking to get their sports on, game courts and equipment such as tennis, volleyball and basketball are available during the summer months.

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