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Best Camping near Hawks Nest State Park, West Virginia

Camping in Hawks Nest State Park can be the perfect getaway for a family vacation or just a nice weekend getaway. It is very easy to reach this park from the cities of Roanoke and Morgantown, but you do need to make several day trips in order to see all of its amazing beauty. This campground has tent camping available, and some of its locations are wheelchair accessible, making it a good choice for families with children who are not mobile.

Camping in Hawks Nest State Park includes access to hiking trails through woods and along the river. The campground itself sits on about forty acres of wooded land and is surrounded by a small stream, which runs through much of the park. The main office and picnic area are situated in the heart of the park on U.S. Route 60, about a half mile from the parking lot. To reach the park's trailheads, hikers can take the popular Roanoke-Hartsweet Trail, or they can head further south to arrive at the quaint Little Rock Adventure Park in Mingus Twig, which offers a wide array of guided hikes through the forest. Those going on the Little Rock trek will find that restrooms are a short distance away, as well as a store selling maps and other camping supplies.

Another great option for camping in West Virginia is the Mountain Laurel Lodge and West Virginia B&B. This family owned business owns and operates seven campgrounds in four states, including two in the heart of West Virginia, and one each in Mingus Twig and Stover Hollow. Mountain Laurel boasts a very large group of hiking and camping opportunities, many of which are within a few miles of its campground location. Hikers and campers will find a number of nature trails, as well as two group hiking tours. The company also offers camping in West Virginia in its "Upward West Virginia" packages, which allows visitors to choose only the parts of the park that they wish to visit.

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