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Best Camping near Coopers Rock State Forest, West Virginia

Camping at West Virginia's famed Camping Sites can be done year round, but July and August are considered the best periods of the year to go camping in Coopers Rock State Forest. The beautiful scenic views of the mountains, abundant wildlife, breathtaking wildflowers, and plentiful camping sites make camping in Coopers Rock a popular activity for people from all walks of life. The beautiful woods are surrounded by the picturesque Roaring Fork River. The moderate climate and moderate traffic patterns make camping in this beautiful forest easy and enjoyable. There are a variety of accommodations in town including family motels and cabins. Most of the campsites are located on private land owned by the Coopers Rock State Park Authority.

One of the most popular activities to do while visiting West Virginia is hiking and camping in its beautiful wilderness areas. Camping at the West Virginia Park and Trail sites allows hikers to view the beauty of the park and its gorgeous mountain vistas. Hiking is a wonderful activity to do while visiting West Virginia and its amazing Appalachian Trail system. Camping at one of the West Virginia camping sites will allow hikers to explore the many hiking trails throughout the park. They will enjoy the wonderful natural scenery found in the park such as the peaks of Mount Mitchell and Great Smokey Mountain. Most of the trails in the park are wheelchair accessible and are wheelchair safe.

For those who prefer to camp in a more remote area of the park, camping at one of the West Virginia campgrounds allows them to stay closer to nature. Some of the campgrounds are located within a few miles of the trail heads to the mountain vistas, making camping at some of the campgrounds more attractive than others. One campground that is very close to the popular Mount Mitchell Trail is the Big River Campgrounds which has bathrooms, fire rings, and pottery for sale. There is also a cabin style hotel available at the Big River campgrounds which offers its own hot tub, fire pit, and beautiful landscape.

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