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Best Camping near Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia

Camping at West Virginia's top camping destination campground in Blackwater Falls State Park may be a popular activity for many visitors, but what exactly makes this slice of Americana such a popular destination? It may be the spectacular overlooks and breathtaking views from the Appalachian Trail that has made this a favorite route for trekkers and backpackers for centuries. Another contributing factor to the park's popularity is that the park is located less than an hour from major metropolitan areas such as Washington, D.C., and Williamsburg, Virginia. While the overnight accommodations may not be anything more than a bed and breakfast or motel, finding the right tent camping experience within a short driving distance of any major metropolitan areas can be just as rewarding. With all of the nearby attractions, its not hard to see why this recreation gem is West Virginia s number one favorite campground.

Blackwater Falls State Park campgrounds are located all throughout the park, but the two most popular sites are located on the southern part of the park near the intersection of Old bridge and Falls Road. To reach these campsites, campers will need to travel through a large wooded area filled with manholes and small streams. Hiking directions and detailed maps are usually available at each campsite, and bathrooms and pit toilets are conveniently placed close to each location.

The Blackwater Falls State Park offers a host of facilities that allow campers to explore the forest canopy and view the falls. From outfitters that offer full or partial ownership of a cabin or cottage, to lodges and ranches owned by the state, to cabins just minutes from the falls themselves, camping in Blackwater Falls State Park offers an endless variety of accommodations that can easily fit anyone's budget. Many visitors choose to spend their days hiking and bird watching, while others prefer to relax by the Riverside and take in the soothing sight of the forest canopy and the gentle flow of the waters. Whatever your personal plans for the day, be sure to find the perfect place to stay before you head out for the day.

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