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Welcome to Tentrr Camping in Southern Virginia

Southern Virginia used to be the main place where the state's tobacco industry reigned. Now, it's a tourist hotspot for history buffs and campers who want to enjoy the charm and beauty of the area's natural sights. Southern Virginia is also known as the state's racing region with six major raceways, but you don't have to be a NASCAR fan to visit this region. There are plenty of outdoor activities and beautiful shorelines to enjoy in southern Virginia.

We recommend camping in southern Virginia during the summertime. One popular campground has to be Beartree Campground in the Mount Rogers National Recreation area. If you want to be completed engulfed by nature, this is the spot to stay via tent camping or an RV. The area is close to a lake with plenty of opportunities for swimming, fishing, and hiking. Be sure to bring a camera!

Another popular southern Virginia campground is Grindstone Campground, which is located near Damascus. Situated in George Washington and Jefferson National Forest, this nature-centric campground is buried in the mountains and perfect for those who want to rough it via tent or RV camping. Visitors can enjoy activities such as boating and biking. Plus, there are showers and toilets on this campground.

Those who enjoy glamping night enjoy Primland, which offers cottages, lodges, guest rooms, and facilities such as a golf course and tennis court.

Things to Do in Southern Virginia

Occoneechee State Park is worth a visit for the boating, paddleboarding, kayaking, and other watersports alone. We recommend renting your gear from Clarksville Water Sports. Danville Riverwalk Trail is a popular spot for biking, and there are a few bike rental spots nearby.

Blue Ridge Parkway is a must-stop for hiking enthusiasts. The area boasts dozens of trails, as well as part of the Appalachian Trail via the south end of Shenandoah National Park. Hikers might also enjoy Virginia Creeper Trail, which stretches a whopping 34 miles through Damascus to the North Carolina border. The trek is worth it-- it's very fun on bike, and the views of the mountains, woods, and forests are gorgeous.

Places to Visit in Southern Virginia

Winery fans might enjoy Hill Top Berry Farm and Winery, located on Virginia Avenue. Here, visitors can enjoy a facility tour, sample various fruit wines, and enjoy the ambiance. Brewery fans might enjoy Buggs Island Brewing and Springfield Distillery, which offers similar services and tastings.

If you're near the southwestern side of Southern Virginia, you might want to give the Channels a visit. The Channels area is part of one of Virginia's State Natural Area Preserves. Along the Channels, which can be access via an access road, will take hikers up 4,000 feet in elevation along a mountain. At the top, you'll discover the ruins of an old homestead, beautiful rock formations, and a radio tower. It's believed that the sandstone rock formations are over 400 million years old.

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