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In 1948, a National Geographic Society visited this location and called it Kodachrome - the name of color film used in movies back then. And the name does this camping wonderland justice to the bright red and orange hues at this state park. Monolithic stones, sedimentary pipes, layers of sandstone… it’s truly a sight to marvel at.

This Utah State Park is right beside Cannonville (10-minute drive) and a 4.5-hour drive from Salt Lake City. For people driving from Las Vegas, it’ll take 4 hours and 20 minutes.

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Kodachrome Basin State Park Camping and More

When camping, Kodachrome Basin State Park is all about seeing the marvelous sights, and you can do it on foot, on horseback, or by car. Each has their own advantages. On foot you’ll be able to get into the backcountry and see many of the towering spires, the magnificent arches, and the incredible rock formations that give the park its colorful name. On horseback, you’ll also be able to get off the beaten path and have a good time doing it. Horseback riding can either be done by bringing your own horses, renting them, or joining a tour group.

Driving can be a tricky proposal as some roads are better than others, but if you stick to the main ones you’ll be able to see some of the very best arches that Kodachrome Basin has to offer, including Grosvenor Arch, widely considered to be one of the greatest arches in Utah (and that’s saying something for a state containing Arches National Park.)

This park is most popular for camping in the spring and fall, as temperatures can really rise in the summer months and March-to-May and September-to-November see the most prepared visitors.

Kodachrome is definitely off the beaten path, so it’s an ideal place to get away from it all. You won’t be shoulder-to-shoulder with other tourists, and you’ll be able to easily enjoy a relaxing camping--or glamping--vacation.

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