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Welcome to Tentrr Camping in Upstate Pennsylvania

If there’s one word to describe Upstate Pennsylvania, it is: green. This state is so lush and forested that everywhere you camp you’re enveloped in greenery--whether you’re by a lake or a river or even in town, this is a tree state.

For a camping trip in Upstate Pennsylvania, a good first stop might be Bald Eagle State Park, with 6,000 acres of forests, fields and wetlands. And getting out on FJ Sayers Lake, you can boat and fish and swim. If you’re fishing you can expect to find crappie, bass, yellow perch--and watch out for snapping turtles! And if you’re a birder, bring those binoculars along to catch sight of an osprey, great blue heron, or the park’s namesake, a bald eagle.

The winter in Upstate Pennsylvania brings out more animals to see when you do a little snowy camping: moles and voles are out fetching their winter stores from hawthorn trees, but you’ll also hear the mockingbird and son sparrows. On the ground, you might see a bobcat chasing a cottontail rabbit.

To camp even deeper in the woods, head to Michaux State Forest for 85,000 acres of woodland that encompasses three counties: Cumberland, Franklin, and Adams. Considered Pennsylvania’s “cradle of forestry” it is named for a French botanist, Andre Michaux, who explored and documented the region in the 1700s. Among the trees you’ll find here are oaks, maples, birch, black gum, hickory, pine, and yellow poplar.

There are endless trails criss-crossing Michaux, and you can live a lifetime here and still come across things you’ve never seen before. Camping in this enormous forest is an outdoor person's dream.

If you have a hankering for forests and wildlife, with a little fishing and boating thrown in for good measure, making camping in Upstate Pennsylvania your next stop.

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