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Welcome to Tentrr Camping in Susquehanna Valley

The Susquehanna River flows through 500 miles of Pennsylvania, in two branches, but the state has made efforts to make sure that the Greenway, or the area surrounding the river, stays in pristine conditions despite developments that may be encroaching on it. Consequently, even a few miles from town you can find a quiet and contemplative campground that helps you get away from all the world’s cares and woes.

Camping in Susquehanna Valley gives you access to parks, trails, primitive areas, and, of course, the river. Adventurous river rafters (or canoers) will find that the relatively placid wide river is perfect for long excursions. Officially, it’s broken down into four water trails, the North Branch (181 miles), the West Branch (228 miles), the Middle Section (54 miles), and the Lower Section (53 miles). But don’t worry if you don’t want to spend that long on the water; there are places to get in and out of the river all along the route, to camp and relax and sit around a fire.

And just because the Susquehanna River is close to towns, campers will find that they’re drawn to these quaint villages rather than try to escape them. Each one exists because of the river--they’re river towns, and they respect the water. From historic downtowns to heritage festivals to riverfront parks and public races and farmers markets, there’s plenty to do in Susquehanna towns.

And if you love the water, but prefer looking at it from shore rather than getting in a boat, the 500 miles of river is packed with trails for campers to use. Some of the trails are only a mile long, paved and flat, while others are 45 miles long, unpaved and rugged. Being next to a river there’s never a lot of change in elevation, but some of the hikes are more strenuous than others. But there’s something for every experience level.

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