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Welcome to Tentrr Camping in Pennsylvania Wilds

Known to be one of the largest expanses of green between New York City and Chicago, camping in the Pennsylvania Wild’s 2.1 million acres of public land offers absolutely everything a camper would want, from scenic hikes, to rushing rivers, to abundant wildlife, and dark skies for gazing at the stars.

The Pennsylvania Wilds are not just one thing. They are made up of 29 state parks, 8 state forests, and 50 state game lands. And all of them are welcoming to campers, no matter your skill level or interests.

The biggest National Forest in the Pennsylvania Wilds is the Allegheny National Forest at more than 500,000 acres. Just about 100 miles north of Pittsburgh, once you’re there you’ll never believe you’re so close to a major metropolis. Campers in the Allegheny National Forest will find biking, hiking, horseback riding, and ATVing on endless trails, plus ample fishing and hunting destinations.

Whether you’re a hunter or just an animal lover, there is so much fauna to see while camping in the Pennsylvania Wilds. Especially proud of its wild elk herd, it is also home to white-tailed deer, fox, black bear, beaver, raccoons and other wildlife. The Audubon Society of Pennsylvania has designated 13 sites as Important Birding Areas, where you can see more than 375 species of birds, including osprey and bald eagles.

Campers at Cherry Springs State Park will find out why MSN Travel called it “possibly the best spot for stargazing in all of the U.S.” With clear skies, it’s estimated that night owls can see more than 10,000 stars with the naked eye!

Camping in the Pennsylvania Wilds is everything you could hope a camping trip would be, with trails and rivers, wildlife and stargazing. It is a glory to behold.

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