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Camping in Ohio is an affordable way to experience the beautiful nature and landscape of the state of Ohio. With over 300 campgrounds across the state, there is surely one that will meet your camping needs and provide all of the amenities you would want to have while camping in Ohio. Most campgrounds provide everything from full service campground operations to primitive camping in a tent. No matter what your needs are, it is important to research each campground that you are considering camping at before committing to your camp.

Campgrounds in Ohio also provide something for every camper and family. Whether seeking to be close to the attractions of Cleveland and Akron, or to the quaint atmosphere of Ashtabula County with its beautiful lake and outdoor wineries, campgrounds in Ohio provide everything for an enjoyable camping trip. The Mohican State Park has tent camping and hiking opportunities for those who enjoy an outdoor adventure. The camping options range from sites that are available for a few days to weeklong stays. While the state park is one of the most popular camping destinations, there are still many other parks and forests in Ohio where families can spend time and enjoy nature at its best.

Other campgrounds in Ohio provide excellent lodging options including full or part-time cabins, along with a variety of different facilities including swimming pools, fishing areas, and campfire sites. Those who enjoy camping in Ohio may want to consider the popular Cedar Falls Camp Resort located just below the falls at Big Cedar Creek. Here, families can experience the charm of camping in Ohio while fishing, hiking, swimming, and taking part in one of the many recreational activities offered at the resort. There are also plenty of attractions to keep campers occupied on a camping trip in Ohio, including the heavily traveled beaches of Beachwood Caverns State Park, Colds Run Cave, and Cedar Point State Park.

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