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Welcome to Tentrr at New York's Taconic State Park

Located along 16 winding miles of the Taconic Mountain Range, Taconic State Park shares a border with two neighboring states: Massachusetts and Connecticut. While much of the area is general wilderness, two specific areas have been highly developed with extensive trails and terrain that suits nature novices and experts alike.

Known as Copake Falls and Rudd Pond, the various trails also offer spectacular views of the surrounding area, as well as a comprehensive campground site for those willing to take in the elements -- in addition to a handful of cabins that dot the area. With 45 tent sites and more than a couple dozen tent platforms, as well as three dozen trailer sites and the aforementioned cabin areas, you can enjoy your time in Taconic State Park camping or doing whatever it is that you love to do.

Close to all Taconic State Park campsites are centrally located restroom and shower facilities so that you can camp without smelling the part, too. While certain cabins on the premises may have flush toilets and many of the amenities you're used to from home, even the smallest cabins have electricity, lights, running water and a kitchen with a stove and fridge.

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Taconic State Park Camping and More

Beyond Taconic State Park camping, there's a lot to do in the oldest state park in the Taconic region. Hike or bike along the Harlem Valley Rail Trail or enjoy the trek out to Bash Bish Falls, the highest single-drop waterfall in Massachusetts. Close by is Brace Mountain, the highest peak in Dutchess County, or you can stop off at the new Copake Iron Works Museum to learn about the iron industry in the area.

At Copake Falls, there's plenty of swimming opportunities at dedicated swimming areas in addition to the dock at Ore Pit Pond and the nearby kiddie pool. Once you've left your Taconic State Park campsite, you can also try your hand at catching brown trout and rainbow trout at the Bash Bish Brook or the old Ore Pit Pond.

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