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Welcome to Tentrr at New York's Harriman State Park

Located in Rockland and Orange counties, Harriman State Park is the second-largest park in the New York State park system. With 31 lakes and reservoirs, as well as two public camping areas, a couple beaches and over 200 miles of hiking trails, there's always something to do in Harriman State Park. Even the miles of streams and scenic roads offer something to do for campers who want to get out and look around, and there's also lots of wildlife and unique vantage points and vistas all across the park.

When you're camping in Harriman State Park, you probably won't be able to miss Lakes Welch, Sebago, Tiorati and Silvermine, as well as the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area and the campgrounds and cabins at Beaver Pond and Sebago. Various group camps also dot the area, providing camping opportunities as well as a hot meal to underprivileged urbanites. And at the nature center, campers and outdoor enthusiasts can learn about environmental protection and further develop their love of nature and the natural sciences.

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Harriman State Park Camping and More

While many come to Harriman State Park for camping, there's also lots of nature to take in and experience whenever you're in the area. From biking and boating to hiking, fishing and swimming in the area's many lakes, there's something for everyone in Harriman State Park. Campsites and other lodging makes it easy to call the area home for a night or two, and you can even go metal detecting if you want your shot at digging up something historic.

In the colder months, ice fishing, ice skating and snowshoeing or cross-country skiing are all great ways to pass the time when the area is at its most serene and undisturbed. If you need to pick up some supplies or grab a map of the area's hiking trails, the Harriman State Park Visitor Center and various shops have everything you could need -- you might be camping in Harriman State Park, but that doesn't mean that you need to go without!

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