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Best Camping in The Catskills, New York

Have you ever wanted to go camping in the Catskills but you're not sure where to go or if you even like camping at all? The Catskill region not only has jaw-dropping views from your campsite, but also some of the best hiking, kayaking, trail running, mountain biking, zip-lining and fishing around. Roscoe, NY (“Trout Town, USA”) is one of the top fly-fishing destinations in the country. There is a reason that people are calling it the “Camptons”. It’s because the Catskills also has some of the coolest farm-to-table restaurants, craft breweries/distilleries, curated vintage shops, and killer coffee spots.

There are plenty of campgrounds in New York that offer camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. You might want to take a day or two to hit some of the parks in the region to get a feel for the different areas and what is available to you.

For those who like a little more of a wilderness experience, there are plenty of tent sites and other accommodations in the Catskills, including Bed & Breakfasts, inns, cabins, houses, cottages and camping.

In short, New York has it all for outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels. If this is a new experience for you, or if you are very skilled at other outdoor sports, you may want to make campgrounds and hiking trails a more family-oriented adventure, with larger groups and more experienced hikers or campers. For those who are just heading out on a hike with a small group of friends, camping in the Catskills is the perfect choice for a day of outdoor fun.

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