Best Camping in Montana

Many travelers seek camping in Montana s Yellowstone National Park is wild sliver of the state, a fraction of which lies just west of the state s western border. Few, however, realize that Montana is also a wonderful access point to the very first national park known to man, Yellowstone. The Park is best known these days as a hot spot for hiking and camping. With an abundance of campgrounds, lodges and cabins, there's something available for every budget and any type of outdoor adventure.

The best way to enjoy Montana as wilderness and national parks is to start by seeking out the best Montana camping spots. One of the most popular campgrounds is the Flathead National Forest, which has a number of campgrounds located within its boundaries. The campgrounds themselves range from those more family-friendly to those that cater to experienced campers and hikers. At the mid-range of the camping scene is the Yellowstone cutthroat trout campground, which offers outstanding facilities such as fire rings, stocked swimming pools, playgrounds and shady picnic areas.

Less than an hour outside of Missoula, you'll find the Mammoth national recreation area, home to a number of hiking and biking trails. If you're looking for overnight accommodations, try the Big Therriault campground on the banks of the Snake river, which boasts an excellent bed and breakfast and laundry facilities. For outdoor lovers, hiking up the famous Big Foot trail is a must, as well as visiting nearby Glacier National Park and viewing the beauty of the disappearing glaciers. Camping in Montana isn't just a dream for the adventurous soul, with so much to see and do!

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