Best Camping in Minnesota

Camping in Minnesota isn't to be overlooked, as this state certainly has some outright breathtaking natural locations. From Lake Vermillion to the clear blue sky above the Grand Portage, Minnesota has a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts. This is a popular state park in Minnesota, and it's easy to see why. There are plenty of campgrounds here, and they offer both tent camping and RV campground accommodations. However, there is also a national park here called Thousand Islands National Seashore that offers hiking, canoeing, and boating.

Camping at the state park is a popular activity, as campers can hike along many of the trails in the park, or they can simply camp at the state park's parking lot. Camping at the park also offers some great views of the vastness of the landscape as well as some solitude for those that would prefer a more solitary experience. Most campers at the state park will find a number of hiking trails as well as nature paths. There are over two thousand miles of hiking trails in Minnesota, which means that there are hiking spots all across the state. Hiking is definitely an activity that campers of all ages and skill levels can participate in.

The best part about camping in Minnesota, aside from the great scenery and natural wildlife, is that camping is allowed on all of these public lands. In the Twin Cities metro area, there are public campgrounds at Cedar Valley, Cedar Lake, Rockford, and Moosehead; and these campgrounds each offer different kinds of accommodations. Campers can find a wide variety of sites, from cabins to motel-style sites that include their own bathrooms. Some of the most popular campgrounds in the Twin Cities metro area are the South Prairie Camp Resort in Bloomington Hills and Fort Snelling in E Carlson, just to name a few.

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