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Welcome to Tentrr Camping in Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley

Camping in Pioneer Valley, the colloquial name for the Connecticut River Valley in Massachusetts, is home to camping fun, historical sites, hiking, fishing, and more.

A popular year-round destination, campers are drawn to Pioneer Valley by the unspoiled nature, parks, and opportunities for recreation. One thing that you might not know about Pioneer Valley is that it’s a hotbed for fossil hunting, with sites going back to the Triassic and Jurassic periods. In the area of South Hadley and Holyoke, you can see dinosaur tracks petrified in the rock.

For history-loving campers, there is an enormous amount to see. If you’re into the literary scene, you can tour Emily Dickenson’s home. Or if you want to get back to the roots of the nation, you can visit the spot where European settlers constructed homes in what is now Agawam, Massachusetts. (Indigenous people warned the settlers about flooding so nearby the river, and they were forced to move to some of the bluffs and cliffs nearby.)

While camping, you can even visit the site where, in 1645--46 years before the Salem witch trials--Springfield saw its first accusations of witchcraft. It’s also the site of the first banned book: The Meritous Price of Our Redemption.

But if you’re more interested in camping in nature than history, get to Silvio O. Conte’s National Fish and Wildlife Refuge in Turners Falls. There, birders will see thrushes, warblers and other birds, and in the rivers and streams you can spot shad, salmon, herring, endangered shortnose sturgeon, and other migratory fish.

And if you want to catch some of those fish instead of just look at them, camping at DAR State Forest, or Beartown State Forest are great sites fo largemouth bass, and pickerel. While there, go horseback riding, hiking, or boating.

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