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Welcome to Tentrr at Maine's Lamoine State Park

Lamoine State Park is known for being the calm in the center of a storm. Nestled in the heart of a very popular tourist area, Lamoine is a quiet campground that has all the amenities but none of the crowds.

The park is only 55 acres, just big enough to keep the campground quiet and offer a picturesque view of Bar Harbor and Cadillac Mountain. The park has all you would hope for: picnic areas, hot showers, a dock and boat access, a pebble beach, and fishing. It’s a calm family spot, and a great base camp for seeing some of the sites nearby that are much more crowded with people.

What hotspots are those? Arguably the biggest draw is Acadia National Park, known as the “Crown Jewel of the North Atlantic Coast”. With 3.5 million visitors per year (making it one of the top-ten most visited National Parks in the country) you can understand why camping at Lamoine is such a desired respite from the hustle and bustle.

But if you do visit Acadia, there is much to do. One of the most popular things to experience are the tidepools, small pools along the shore that are exposed when the tide rolls out. These low areas in the rocks trap seawater, making them little ecosystems of their own with a whole host of animals and plants to see and touch: you can actually pick up and examine the animals you may find in the pools as long as you leave everything where you found it.

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What to do at Lamoine State Park

Acadia and the surrounding area--all accessible from Lamoine State Park--see a whole host of animals. On land you may see deer, foxes and beavers, while near the streams there are frogs, turtles and salamanders. And for a birder, it’s heaven: from songbirds and woodpeckers like warblers and chickadees, to birds of prey like eagles, vultures and falcons, to shorebirds like cormorants and herons, and then waterfowl like loons and mallards.

But Acadia National Park isn’t the only nearby treasure that is easily accessed from Lamoine State Park campground. Mount Desert Island is the largest island off the coast of Maine and the second largest on the eastern seaboard (behind Long Island). (Fun tip from the locals: you should pronounce “desert” like “dessert”, as it’s from the French.)

Although there are plenty of hikes on Mount Desert Island, there’s no need to climb to the top of its highest glacier-carved peak, Cadillac Mountain: a scenic Summit Road travels up to the top with scenic lookouts along the way. The top of the mountain is a magnificent place to watch the sun rise or set.

So what Lamoine State Park lacks in its own small 55 acre footprint, it more than makes up for in being a central location from which to access anything and everything that this beautiful area offers. Camping at Lamoine State Park is the smart choice, even if your ultimate destination is somewhere nearby.

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