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Welcome to Tentrr in Kennebec Valley

Cutting a line across Maine, from Moosehead Lake to the Atlantic Ocean, is the Kennebec Valley, all 170 miles of it. There is much to love about this wilderness that is still very much pristine and undisturbed. Camping in the Kennebec Valley will offer you exciting opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

The Kennebec Valley is home to the Kennebec River, which gives the area its lifeblood. Starting at the northernmost part of the Valley is the Dear River, where whitewater rafting is a delight with Class III to Class V rapids. This sixteen-mile stretch ends in the Big Poplar Falls and the confluence with the Kennebec River.

Whether you want to hike, bike, hunt, birdwatch--there’s even a moose safari!---you can do it all in the Kennebec Valley.

One of the most popular, and most accessible hikes is the Kennebec River Rail Trail, from Augusta to Gardiner. It clocks in at just over six miles and is rated Easy. Buif if you want something a little more strenuous, try the shorter, but thrilling, Messalonskee Stream Trail which takes you not only on a tour of the river and bogs, but of the old buildings and architecture of the region, including starting at the axe factory in Oakland which gave the town its nickname as “Axe Capital of the World”.

When wildlife watching, the moose is the major attraction, but don’t be surprised to see black bear, Canada lynx, bobcat, and fox, as well as a lot of small fur-bearing animals. And there are more than 275 identified birds to make this a bird watching haven.

Beautiful, natural, with just a taste of history, camping in Kennebec Valley will let you explore the outdoors at your own pace.

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