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Welcome to Tentrr at Louisiana’s South Toledo Bend State Park

This state park located just at the Louisiana-Texas border offers sightseeing, birdwatching, and prestigious fishing spots. For the adventurous, go out on a biking or ATVing trip! Many families that come here go out on a boat for fishing and then enjoy some fresh fish over an open fire while camping in the evening.

Located an hour and 22 minute drive from Alexandria, 2 and a half hours from Lafayette, and 40 minutes from Jasper, TX, South Toledo Bend is a bit far-off, but still worth the drive due to its bountiful natural scenery.

Tranquil Picnic Areas

The park has many wood decks by the lakefront, so your family can have a nice picnic. The decks are shadowed by towering trees, which means you won’t overheat in the summer either.

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What to do at South Toledo Bend State Park

When camping at Toledo Bend Reservoir, you’re bound to find fish. Get on a boat, or cast from the shoreline, and you can catch bream, catfish, white perch, and largemouth bass. In fact, it is a nationally recognized hotspot for largemouth bass fishing and is the location of many bass fishing tournaments (in 2015 and 2016 it was named the #1 spot in the nation by Bassmaster Magazine). Because of the notable topography of the region, the reservoir is full of little calm inlets where a fishing party in a boat can stop for hours without seeing another soul.

And for the avid birdwatcher, this state park is a nesting ground for the iconic bald eagle. Get your binoculars and camera ready for a fantastic camping photoshoot!

If you’re into off-road sports, this is the only Louisiana state park that allows ATVs, and there are twelve miles of trails for the ambitious and adventurous riders. Or if motor sports aren’t your bag, mountain biking is equally fun on numerous paths and trails throughout the park, with routes for every skill level.

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