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Welcome to Tentrr in Louisiana’s Lake Fausse State Park

Lake Fausse State Park is a great camping retreat with a rich cultural history that has seen much of the influences that make Louisiana what it is today, from the Chitimacha Indians to the influx of the French and Acadians, to the Spanish with New Iberia.

Located around a 1-hour drive from Lafayette and Baton Rouge (and 2 hours from New Orleans), Lake Fausse State Park is an accessible nature retreat.

History of Lake Fausse State Park

This 6-thousand acre site in the Atchafalaya Basin was first inhabited by the native Chitimacha people. After the 1700s, French farmers colonized the region, followed by the Spanish who then controlled the land from 1763 to 1802.

That’s why a city close to this Louisiana camping site is called New Iberia! A cultural hotspot that’s worth a visit in case you manage to squeeze in some time during your camping trip. Go to a restaurant and delight yourself with seafood gumbo and crawfish.

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What to do at Lake Fausse State Park:

Whether you want to fish from the shore while camping, or get out on Lake Fausse in a boat, there’s plenty of fish to fill your cooler for the night’s fish fry over an open fire. Paddling sports are among the most common uses of the lake, with canoeing and kayaking a favorite to explore all the twists and turns of this interesting lake.

Wildlife is a real treat while camping at Lake Fausse State Park, whether you’re viewing them from a boat or from one of the many intriguing hiking trails. You can even get out the mountain bikes and hit the trails for an exhilarating ride through the tall pines.

A visitors center details the long history of the area, and it will be fun and thought-provoking to know that you’re walking the same trails that ancient inhabitants used.

You can also visit nearby historical areas, such as St. Martinville and the Longfellow-Evangeline State Historic Site. It's a region colonized by the French with picturesque homes, a blacksmith shop, and a museum.

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