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Welcome to Tentrr at Louisiana’s Grand Isle State Park

A barrier island with a large strip of beach, nature, and plenty of animals. Grand Isle State Park is a camping retreat that any family wishing for time away from the hustle and bustle will adore!

Located at a 2-hour drive from New Orleans and around 3 hours from Baton Rouge and Lafayette, this State Park is further away than most Louisiana state parks, but absolutely worth the drive. Keep in mind that if you’re driving from up north in Louisiana, you’ll need to pay the toll at the bridge. Tolls accept cash or the GeauxPass.

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Things to do at Grand Isle State Park

Made up of a beach ridge that separates the Gulf from the Mississippi, aside from the great camping the Grand Isle is known as one of the best sea fishing spots in the US. It’s a prime location to stand by the waves with your fishing rod and catch some speckled trout and redfish. There is a fishing competition here every July, the Tarpon Rodeo, that brings in anglers from all across the continent—and farther!

Crabbing is also very popular and you are allowed to catch your own crabs and cook them at the campsite. And if you’re adventurous you can hire a boat and get out on the open waters to do some real deep-sea fishing for some major catches. You’re going to need a bigger skillet to cook those over the open fire.

And of course it offers everything that beach ought to, including playing in the gentle surf, sunbathing, and digging into that great beach read while you lounge on a chaise.

At the gulf shore and by the lagoon, birdwatchers can sit back with their binoculars and see plenty of birds, such as the American avocet and the long-billed curlew.

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