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Best Camping near Lake Claiborne State Park, Louisiana

Camping in Lake Claiborne State Park has become very popular among outdoor enthusiasts and vacationers. It has picnic areas, campsites, grills, cabin rentals and special state park accommodations. Camping in the Lake offers a variety of activities such as bird watching, swimming, boating, fishing and hiking. The lake has various species of birds and protected marine life such as the Mississippi flyway turtles. In addition, the park has a concession stand with delicious grilled chicken and sausages. Lake camping is a great way to spend the day with family and friends as it gives you a chance to get closer to nature.

There are two options for camping in the Lake: tent camping and camper homes. Tent camping is when you use a camper home or folding camper that is then put up in the lake as your permanent residence. Most of the campgrounds in the lake have cabins available for rent. Some campgrounds also offer complete facilities such as electricity, plumbing, bath houses, and fully equipped kitchens.

Hiking or camping in Lake Claiborne state park is the best option for an enjoyable outdoor trip. It is not a camping site where you can spend the night and then take an easy nap. You need to take proper precaution such as using lanterns or flashlight while hiking and staying away from wild animals that frequent the area. You must also bring necessary medicines and clothing that will help you survive in the wilderness. The state of Louisiana has issued a severe endangered listing of certain species and if they are not protected, they may soon be wiped out.

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