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Welcome to Tentrr Camping in Cajun Country

Camping in Cajun Country is an experience in culture, and be prepared to dive into it headfirst. Whatever brought you to Cajun Country, you’re going to be drawn into all of it, from music to cuisine to festivals to history to architecture--as well as the outdoors and wildlife.

To get right into the heart of what the Cajun Country landscape has to offer, take a trip with the Atchafalaya Experience, touring North America’s largest river swamp ecosystem. From these boats you’ll be able to see the alligators that swim these waters, as well as a whole host of birds, including American woodcock, bald eagles, ospreys, swallow-tailed kites, and wood ducks. On the ground there are wild turkeys, white-tailed deer, swamp rabbit, gray and red foxes, skunks, and even a small remaining population of Louisiana black bears.

If you want to go fishing in these waters you can--if you watch out for the alligators--pull in largemouth bass, white and black crappie, bluegill, and channel catfish. And maybe even try your hand at catching some crayfish!

Hiking in Cajun Country offers many well-maintained trails, including the Acadiana Park system, the Lake Martin/Cypress Island Preserve, Chicot State Park and Arboretum, and Kisatchie National Forest (which contains 600,000 acres of public lands for camping in Cajun Country.)

But it wouldn’t be camping in Cajun Country without a Cajun food tour, including boudin, king cake, etouffee, fumbo, fried seafood, cracklins and more. And if you want to try cooking some of these dishes yourself, meet at the massive Farmer’s Market in Acadiana where you can buy fresh seafood right off the boat all while being serenaded by Cajun and Zydeco bands.

If there was ever a better place to see exotic natural beauty while experiencing an amazing cultural experience, right here in the USA, camping in Cajun Country is it.

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