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It can’t be proven, of course, but it sure feels like time slows to a creep the second you cross the Louisiana border. The rushed pace of modern life doesn’t stand a chance here, where local food, soulful music and slow living beats hurried productivity every time. This deep southern land feels delightfully off-grid, filled with hidden bayous, quiet cypress groves, farmland and forest. All that low land eventually leads to the warm, teal waters of the Gulf of Mexico, where one can pitch a tent under a thick blanket of stars with a Po’ Boy and a beer.

Today’s Louisiana is a melting pot of French, African and American cultures, and Creole heritage is a way of life here. The state bills itself as a "Sportsman's Paradise” – a particularly apt title when you count up the area’s ample fishing and golfing opportunities, not to mention hiking trails, bird trails and lovingly maintained State Parks. In addition to the bayous and the Gulf, water lovers can enjoy hundreds of lakes, streams, and rivers, including the great Mississippi River. When to go to enjoy the best Louisiana has to offer? Campers typically enjoy great weather outside of high summer, so October to May is ideal.

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