Best Camping in Kansas

Camping in Kansas bring you closer to America's first National Park, beautiful horseback riding, deep-woods hiking, and the chance to see a sunset along the dry prairies. With twenty-two state parks, numerous lakes, and an abundant of wildlife and trail, camping in Kansas is certain to astound you. Camping by cabin, trailer, or at a campground offers an outdoor vacation unlike any other. No matter where you choose to camp, you will find serenity and calmness unmatched anywhere else. The vastness of the landscape will lull you into a state of total relaxation, leaving you ready to face the next challenge. Imagine sitting in your tent on a beautiful night and watching the stars above as you listen to the quiet of the winds blowing across the landscape.

While there are a few tent camping options in Kansas City, including two campsites at City Lake State Park and Wildwater National Trout Sanctuary in Prairie Garden, most camping in Kansas City is done on a private ranch or at one of the state park campgrounds. Camping at a state park allows an individualized experience because of the close camper-friendly environment that each park offers. Many state park campgrounds offer playgrounds, grills, fire rings, vault toilets, boat ramps, canoe slips, and other amenities that allow individuals to relax while they work or play. However, most tent camping in Kansas City is done at campgrounds managed by the State Highway Administration or the US Forest Service.

There are several boating options in Kansas City as well, offering camping opportunities for those looking to explore the great outdoors. Two popular boating areas include Boquete Bay State Park and Lake Of The Ozarks State Park. Both areas offer fishing opportunities ranging from smallmouth bass to walleye to pike. There are also boat launches located in both parks; Johnson Creek Boat Launches and Wildwater Island Marine Trail. Not only does boating in Kansas City provide the opportunity to fish, it offers a relaxing way to travel from trail to trail while exploring the natural beauty found in Kansas.

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