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Best Camping in Connecticut's Quiet Corner

At first glance, you might think there’s nothing doing in Connecticut’s peaceful Northeast region (known as the Quiet Corner), but that’s kind of the point. Two of the country’s oldest agricultural fairs, the Woodstock Fair and Brooklyn Fair, are located here – but otherwise things stay pretty low-key in these parts, where privately owned farms, antique stores, and placid fishing lakes have the run of the area. One great spot to drop line for bass is Bigelow Hollow State Park, where Mashapaug Lake spans a massive 287 acres. Nearby, Bigelow Pond offers a smaller, more quaint, fishing location for those just looking to dabble.

Connecticut takes its pizza almost as seriously as its fishing. It has its own name here – apizza (pronounced ah-beets) – and, while it’s thin like a New York pie, it’s more haphazard in shape (think 2 year-old drawing a circle) and crusts are typically blistered. Take a night off the grill and head to cozy, hip Camille's in Tolland, CT for killer New Haven-style pies laced with clever topping combinations, like the Bacon and Eggs, featuring crispy pancetta and a sunny-side-up farm fresh egg.

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