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Best Camping in Northern California, California

A scenic drive down the Pacific Coast Highway takes you camping in Napa wine country. After a stop along the way in Mendocino for lunch at Patterson’s Pub (absurdly delicious nachos and craft beers on tap) an exploration of the storied wineries awaits. There are about 400 of them (and over 600 if you include Sonoma County) and the short list list should include Far Niente, Cakebread and Brasswood.

Camping in Northern California's beautiful Pacific Ocean coast has long been a preferred activity, not only for locals of the Golden State, but avid travelers from every corner of the world. Some places allow overnight camping on the sandy beach, while others have special spots designated specifically for tent camping or RV camping. There are campgrounds in the mountains, the valleys or along the beaches, and every campground has something different to offer. The best way to decide where to go for your next camping trip is to do some research and get some tips from seasoned campers about what works best for them.

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