Berkeley Springs, WV

WV Cacapon State Park - Site D (2.1 miles past Cacapon mountain top overlook) - Single Camp

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Discover stunning views and experience comfy camping at this campsite nestled in Cacapon Resort State Park.

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This is a Tentrr State Park Site
This site has been selected by our team and set up with the standard Tentrr kit.
This site is located within a state park and includes the standard Tentrr kit. Please see Site Guidelines below for more details.
Partner sites are privately owned sites that may have modern amenities located on the property.
Backcountry sites let you enjoy traditional camping on private land. You need to bring your own tent and supplies.
Site Highlights
Parking On-Site
6 campers
Check in: 14:00
Check out: 11:30
Pet friendly
Rain Guarantee available
Fire ban in effect

Cacapon State Park is the perfect destination for swimming, fishing, birding, camping, hiking or just plain relaxing and enjoying the unsurpassed natural beauty. For fishermen, Cacapon Resort State Park has two small lakes for fishing. Both are stocked with trout each spring, but bass, catfish and bluegill can also be caught. There’s 23 miles for hiking on 9 different trails waiting to be explored. No need to worry about getting lost, as hiking guides are available at the park office. Each trail offers a different physical challenge depending on skill levels, so there’s something for everyone. Game courts are available at Cacapon for tennis, basketball, sand volleyball, and even wobble clay shooting. Trek up to the observation deck on Cacapon Mountain for a unique opportunity to see views of West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania all at once. Swim lakefront at Cacapon Resort State Park lake in the summers or head over to Berkeley Springs State Park where there is an outdoor swimming pool. Dine at the restaurant at the park's lodge which is open year round for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! This campsite is equipped with a pre-set sturdy canvas tent on it's own wooden deck platform. The tent is furnished with a queen-size memory foam mattress, side tables, and a propane tent heater. A picnic table, fire pit with a grill, a solar shower, and portable camp loo are also provided, and campers are able to use the park's restroom facilities as well. There is an additional pop up tent provided for extra guests, but you will have to bring your own air mattresses/sleeping pads for this tent.

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Site Guidelines

Site D is located 2.1 miles past the Cacapon overlook on the mountain ridgeline. Access is an Off road trail. In unfavorable conditions, 4wd or all wheel drive is needed. Be sure to bring your own food, firewood, water, and bedding. There is no electricity or water available at your Tentrr site. Anything you pack in, you must pack out. All trash MUST be deposited in a designated receptacle at the end of your stay. If you do not follow this rule, you will be charged a cleaning fee. Have a wonderful stay! All trash MUST be deposited in a designated receptacle at the end of your stay. If you do not follow this rule, you will be charged a cleaning fee. Please beware that there are rattlesnakes, bears and other forest dwellers in this area. They are important members of the natural community, so we ask that you give them distance and respect for the safety of all. Have a wonderful stay!

Cacapon State Park
pin location image Near Berkeley Springs, WV
Site Rules
Respect the land and tent as you would your own.
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Respect & Safety
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The Unity Blaze is a symbol that promotes unity in the outdoors and reiterates our commitment to “Treat Everyone, Everywhere, Equally.”
Don't carve your name into anything, or cut down trees. In general, treat the property and all the animals with the utmost respect.
The minimum cleaning fee is $50 and will be charged for leaving a campsite a mess.

Plans change, Mother Nature may not cooperate. We get it.
Choose from different cancellation options at checkout, based on what works best for you and your trip planning.

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