Cumberland, VA

Shepherd's Meadow

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Spring is here and is a beautiful season to experience Virginia! Enjoy our new upgrades like our camp kitchen station, "indoor" seating and camper storage. Our new wild flower garden will soon be in bloom, Enjoy watching bees and butterflies as you relax in our meadow. We have private wooded trails to explore between the campsite and Shepherd's Pond...where there is a picnic table waiting as you eat and enjoy your view. And nearby there is hiking and lake swimming at Bear Creak State Park minutes away. Or bike or hike along the trails at nearby High Bridge State park, (bike rentals available). Or go no where and cuddle by the fire at your site and enjoy a heated tent for sleeping or reading that book or play board games we provide.

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This is a Tentrr Signature Site
This site has been selected by our team and set up with the standard Tentrr kit.
This site is located within a state park and includes the standard Tentrr kit. Please see Site Guidelines below for more details.
Partner sites are privately owned sites that may have modern amenities located on the property.
Backcountry sites let you enjoy traditional camping on private land. You need to bring your own tent and supplies.
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Parking Nearby
6 campers
Check in: 13:00
Check out: 11:30
Pet friendly
Rain Guarantee available
Fire ban in effect

Camp in a secluded meadow, with wild flowers in view, and take a short walk through the woods along a creek bed to your private fishing and picnic spot at Shepherd's Pond. You will get a glimpse of our Shetland sheep as they graze nearby. Enjoy the stocked camp kitchen (including grill for fire pit, with utensils, iron skillet, nonstick pots and pan, cutting board and knives, batter bowl, with non stick cooking utensils and wood for your fire.) NEW! Wildland Coffee provided! We also provide metal dishes, cup and utensils for 8. Use the camp sinks and provided dish soap and towels to clean up afterwards. Fishing Boat is an available extra. Life jackets are provided and required to be worn in the boat. Enjoy watching our sheep, but please do not open gates or go into the fenced pastures. Our sheep are the reason we cannot allow dogs. Even the sweetest dog can run a sheep to death by accident. The pond Is beautiful, spring fed and has lots of fish. It is also 20 feet deep. So swimming is not recommended. Parking area is marked with a green sign just past our driveway. We provide a large cart for the short walk through the woods to your secluded campsite. As always while out of doors, be careful. But just in case of tiny mishaps, we have bug repellent and a small first aid kit.

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Site Guidelines

Since we are a sheep farm and dogs are potentially harmful to sheep, we cannot allow dogs at our campsite. We are a smoke free camp. Please do not smoke in or near the tent. We do provide candles for the picnic table, but please do not use in the tent as this is a fire hazard. And please keep the fire pit well away from the tent to prevent spark damage. Best not to move it from where we placed it. We provide a box of old fashioned games for your enjoyment, such as cards, chess, playing cards, puzzles for the kids, and Jenga, etc. But please return all to the box organized just as you found them so the next campers can enjoy them. Don't cut down or damage trees/timber. At end of stay, remove ashes from fire pit with shovel provided, place in ashcan and place cover over it to prevent fires. Please pick up all trash and deposit into trash can provided before departing. Make sure all supplies are put back as you found them.

Kevin and I own Sweet Tree Hill Farm a working sheep farm, where we grow wool for our line of yarn and socks. We love nature, and enjoy sightings of many types of birds including geese, wild turkey, and purple martins (we mentor these,) and of course, deer, fox and other mammals. Growing up, I was a girl scout for 11 years and camped, canoed and sailed regularly. So hosting campers, sharing our 20 acres, is nostalgic for me.
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Site Rules
Respect the land and tent as you would your own.
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Respect & Safety
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The Unity Blaze is a symbol that promotes unity in the outdoors and reiterates our commitment to “Treat Everyone, Everywhere, Equally.”
Don't carve your name into anything, or cut down trees. In general, treat the property and all the animals with the utmost respect.
The minimum cleaning fee is $50 and will be charged for leaving a campsite a mess.

Plans change, Mother Nature may not cooperate. We get it.
Choose from different cancellation options at checkout, based on what works best for you and your trip planning.

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