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Seven Oaks Lavender Farm Camp

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Come to your senses at Seven Oaks Lavender Farm. Get your glamp on at our historic farm property with beautiful open field views.

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We were just profiled in a January 2022 Travel and Leisure article! Come join us at Seven Oaks Lavender Farm in Northern Virginia, an hour outside the DC metro area. Take in the sweet smells of lavender drifting on the breeze, and kick back to enjoy your rural retreat. Many farm-made lavender products are available for sale in our shop, as well as cutting fresh lavender yourself in season. Outside the season (after July) there will be other flowers to cut in the fall. LOCATION: We are in horse country of the Piedmont area of Virginia. Fauquier County is full of Virginia Byway drives, open vistas and farms. You will be camping on a historic farm property with a farmhouse built in 1860. Read the Farm History on our website: Please know this is a farm stay. We are not a secluded spot. You will hear some road sounds from the country road in front of the farm. Moderate during the day and more between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Usually quiets down pretty good around 8 p.m. ELECTRICITY: There are no outlets or electricity available. THE NECESSARY: The loo is a solid wood box and seat that employs NASA tech bags. It has it's own little zip up privacy tent. SUNNY SPOT: Since the farm tent is in an open field it is a sunny spot. We have provided a sturdy canvas umbrella that will offer you some deep shade for sitting in the Adirondack chairs or at the picnic table. If there is a storm expected please close the umbrella and store it under the base of the tent. SHOWER? Solar powered to be warmish. This bladder bag will be full of water and can be refilled as needed so that you can do some light clean up. Both the loo and the shower will be behind a privacy fence. SLEEPING SITCH: OK, here's the deal. There is a queen bed in the large canvas tent. There will be four bed pillows on the bed. You will need to bring all the linens and blankets. You can order one sheet set and blanket in the amenities if you don't want to bring your own. In addition to the queen bed there is room for three sleeping bags as well (tight fit for 3). Bring towels if you will be using the solar powered shower. There is a pop-up tent that sleeps up to 4 people. You'll be responsible for putting it up and taking it down. FIREPIT: This firepit is an enclosed mesh type to suppress changes of potential fires. You can bring wood yourself if you like. Or purchase it from us. You can also bring charcoal as it is a 2 in 1. PETS: We do allow pets. Please limit the number of animals you bring to two and make sure they are limited to the tent site area unless you are walking them on a leash. WEATHER: Virginia in summer is known for impromptu thunderstorms. Being in the country it usually is cooler than the city and the temps do drop quite a bit at night out in the field, but sometimes it's just going to be warm. We do provide a small fan. The thunderstorms come and go, and the tent stays dry but if there's a lightning storm it's best to wait that out in your safe vehicle rather than being the tallest thing in the field built of metal poles. For months when it is chilly or downright cold, we do provide a propane heater that will keep you toasty all night. But we also recommend you bring along some snuggly blankets or sleeping bags, especially if you are going to be using the additional pop-up tent. BUGS: There is usually a low level of mosquitos. Ticks however are a bit more plentiful. Luckily, they are 99% dog ticks which do not carry Lyme's. If you bring along a dog, you are more likely to have more ticks brought back to the campsite. So, plan ahead with some bug spray. LAVENDER SEASON: Details for Season 2023 will be posted in the spring. SHOP: Post Lavender Season, after late July, The Lavender Shop will be open almost all weekends from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. If you'd like to shop during the week, call Deb at 540-272-7839 to make an appointment.

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Site Guidelines

Please enter driveway by SEVEN OAKS LAVENDER FARM sign, drive twenty-five feet, entrance to your private field is on left, marked by signs you can follow. Park next to your tent. There will be a "Park Here" sign and room for 2-4 cars. You are allowed up to four people for the regular fee. After four you can have two more but you must pay the extra $20 fee per person. (Don't make us the person police:) If you initially booked for up to four but later decide to add another person or two you can call Tentrr customer service and upgrade your reservation. Same if you find later you want to add on any extras like wood bundle or lavender goody bag. Explore the farm until dark but please be respectful of the privacy of the two private homes on the property. Leash your pets when leaving the campground. VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT THROW ANY KIND OF FOOD SCRAPS INTO THE FIELD OR THE WOODED AREA OR IT WILL ATTRACT VERMIN TO THE CAMPSITE. DEPOSIT ANY KIND OF FOOD DEBRIS INTO THE TRASHCAN. No hunting. No weapons of any kind. We are in the country, so there will be critters, though nothing too dangerous. No bears. All trash left in receptacle. Please do not leave any food scraps in the landscape as it will draw more critters. There is a trash can provided. And also a recycling bin. We will empty the trash after you leave. Note: There will not be a shower bag available between November and early May due to freezing temps ruining the bag. That said there is always a five-gallon water cooler available for hand washing. Fire Safety: Do not move the fire pit from its designated area. Make sure it's not too windy for a fire. Never leave fire unattended. Don't use paper on the fire. Leave the fire pit as is when you leave, we will take care of cleaning it. As always, please leave the campsite as you found it. THINGS TO DO: Outside the Lavender Season you are welcome to explore the property during daylight hours. Nearby is historic Warrenton with cute shops, restaurants, antique shops, bakeries and a weekly farmer's market. For Civil War buffs it is a short drive to Manassas Battlefield Park. Not to mention you will actually be camping on the recently designated battleground of Auburn I and ll. Also within 15 minutes you will find three amazing breweries: Old Bust Head Brewery, Cedar Run Brewery and Powers Farm Brewery. Our county also sports at least 18 wineries. There are kid friendly activities, a local favorite is Messick's Farm Market, 10 minutes from the farm. Some of our favorite restaurants are Claire's at the Depot (in an old train station), The Brick (pizza), Third & Main Gourmet to Go and Great Harvest Bakery. There are also plenty of chain restaurants and sandwich shops. Spa treatments? Check out the Spa at Poplar Springs in nearby Casanova. Included in your treatment package is sitting by their private pool in pool season. There is an amazing Wegman's Grocery Store about 15 minutes from the farm. Read more about county activities at EXTRA FUN: We have added a cornhole game to the site. You will find it and the bean bags under the base of the tent.

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Site Rules
Respect the land and tent as you would your own.
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Respect & Safety
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The Unity Blaze is a symbol that promotes unity in the outdoors and reiterates our commitment to “Treat Everyone, Everywhere, Equally.”
Don't carve your name into anything, or cut down trees. In general, treat the property and all the animals with the utmost respect.
The minimum cleaning fee is $50 and will be charged for leaving a campsite a mess.

Plans change, Mother Nature may not cooperate. We get it.
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