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Beaverdam Falls, The Cattails

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Sleep adjacent the calming sounds of a waterfall! Explore one of the rarest caves on Earth! Or, view from your deck the superb wetland, called the Stick Marsh, an active beaver preserve & federally registered palustrine wetland! Or, just walk to the Falls! It's a stellar campsite nestled on mineral rich, flat ground overlooking iconic Dameron Mt; this site may not be directly in front of the Falls, but it's in the heart of wildlife & nature--with full privacy! Accessible directly from your vehicle. Running water & outdoor shower --siphon-fed from the Falls. It's like being in your own private world...but be careful, you're near the cave, so if you can find it... watch your step!

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This is a Tentrr Signature Site
This site has been selected by our team and set up with the standard Tentrr kit.
This site is located within a state park and includes the standard Tentrr kit. Please see Site Guidelines below for more details.
Partner sites are privately owned sites that may have modern amenities located on the property.
Backcountry sites let you enjoy traditional camping on private land. You need to bring your own tent and supplies.
Site Highlights
  • Parking On-Site
  • 4 campers
  • Check in: 14:00
  • Check out: 11:30
  • Pet friendly

Please visit: & like our Facebook page, Beaverdam Falls Outdoor Recreation & Camping. "The Cattails," a Peak Portfolio Signature Tentrr Campsite: Located above the wetlands & looking down on the beaver preserve, The Cattails is situated near a fabulous, federally protected wetland, the "Stick Marsh," which is not only full of cattails, but also beavers, muskrats, turtles, & many species of wildlife! View it all from this campsites dry, superb flat ground all while overlooking fabulous Dameron Mtn. The Cattails comes with everything offered through a Tentrr Signature Site as well as some cushy extras: Generous fire wood, naturally running water from the Falls (when working!), an outdoor solar shower and we offer usually many campsite essentials most sites do not: 2 battery LED lights, cleaning supplies, mint scented trash bags (to scare away the critters), matches & lighter, fire starters, sponge, toilet paper, environmentally friendly coconut oil body wash & shampoo, castor oil soap, & tiki torches (bring citronella or buy it from us). Each site is also sprayed with insect and bug repellant regularly. For those who need special accommodations or certain requests, please ask--we may be able to accommodate. This site is the most private & is a more "kid" friendly campsite. If you desire complete privacy, we offer you the option to book our second site through Tentrr, "Top of the Rock," or to arrange such requests for an additional fee in advance of your stay. This site is one of 4 through Tentrr, & although this preserve is private and an exclusive property, there may be various folks or activity going on elsewhere by the Falls or on the land. Property Description: Nestled in the Alleghany Highlands of the Southern Valley of Virginia, Beaverdam Falls is an historic series of waterfalls at the headwaters of Dunlap Creek and is the terminus for Sweet Springs Creek. Surrounded by the verdant George Washington National Forest, our portion which includes, the Upper Falls, displays a constant waterfall of around 40-feet in height and numerous beautiful cascades peppered throughout our creek. The 60-acre private tract of unparalleled Virginia countryside will simply leave you in humble amazement that places like "this" actually exist! The source of the Falls, Sweet Springs Creek decorates our picturesque private property, and serves as a long, unique trout stream of calcified rock, chalybeate water, and ancient beaver dams. Beaverdam Falls is a rare place for the lack of stone and the centuries of beavers who have left their trace in our creek and swamp-- the Stick Marsh--which has an active beaver dam. Be careful! They do bite! Beaverdam Falls is also home to an active "lick," nourishing untold species of wildlife. On other parts, one can also stubble upon various small ponds and various creeks trickling out of the Virginia mountainside. The rich biodiversity of the land also includes a gigantic, sulphur cave, called a "Cesspool Cave" that is as rare as the Falls are beautiful.Don't take our word for it! Google: "Cesspool Cave, VA", & you'll understand why this site is so special! Beaverdam Falls are notable for not only the clear blue water, but also for the lore that surrounds their history. Gazed on by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor during their visit to America and fished by the likes of Robert E. Lee and even perhaps Thomas Jefferson, many notable people as well as local inhabitants have enjoyed the Falls for centuries during their visits to the famous spring resorts in the neighboring area. We have only one question: Will you be next? Whether you are just looking to relax in front of an outstanding waterfall, hike in the hardwood forest, swim in the clear blue creek, or just wish to gaze at the celestial stars in stunning black clarity, Beaverdam Falls will amaze your senses and exceed your expectations.

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Site Guidelines

(PLEASE READ BEFORE ARRIVAL): Please send all messages or inquiries to, as we do not use messaging through the Tentrr App, and give us time to respond as we only have WiFi on the property and are often away from service. Please visit our website to review our map, for direct site links, & for our standard waiver agreement, which can be signed in person upon arrival at the check-in board. Check-in is always contactless, so unless youve On arrival: follow signs for Stick Marsh Upon arrival you will see a check-in board on the white, small barns, & information to be read, then you may proceed directly to your campsite, as check-in is contactless. Please arrive whenever you like, so long as it is after check-in for your site. Beau is often around the property, & will generally stop by to greet you after arrival. Since he often does not have service, email/iMessage is the best way to communicate when he's on the property: Or, when he is away, send a text to his cellphone, provided at booking. Please put our address, 1100 Kanawha Trail, Covington, VA 24426, into your GPS before losing service or leaving home, as our entrance is on a seemingly hidden, & often missed curve. There are two black signs on white fencing that say "Beaverdam Falls" on each side of the driveway at the property entrance. For reference, our airbnb rental, The Earlehurst Cottage, a white craftsman-style home and it's white 3-bay barn is directly above the driveway entrance on a hill. Look for the sign "1100 Kanawha Trail" on the side of the road, immediately next to the property driveway. Please note that there is no service on the property or in the immediate vicinity, but we do offer slow wifi and an emergency landline on the front porch of the house at the entrance of the property. Walmart in Covington, VA, Food Lion in White Sulphur Springs, or IGA in Union, WV are the closest and best grocery stores. The closest gas stations are located in Gap Mills, WV & Paint BANK, VA. We recommend our other site, "The Cattails" for children, as it is on flat, safer ground! We provide a generous initial amount of firewood, but ask that you please purchase additional firewood as an "add-on" if you have a certain proclivity for fires! Or, please leave a tip if you found the other extras useful! Other General Rules: There are four campsites and two Airbnb rentals that have full access to the property and falls viewing area. When you book, you are reserving only the immediate vicinity of your campsite as well as the campsite, so you may see other guests occasionally. This is a preserve only shared with booked guests. Please do not climb any of the Travertine-Marl rock formations around the Falls or in the basins around them; due to the lack of stone around the Falls, the mineral rock--under constant adaptation & change as with the water--it can be very brittle, unstable, & dangerous. Abide by the swimming rules as posted. Swim anywhere in the Creek AT YOUR OWN RISK. No children unattended, & be mindful of snakes as you walk along the creek, & as you walk your dog. We ask that you also do not damage any plants, carve your name into any trees, or carry any animals out with you! Bring good shoes for treading water: you'll want to LIVE in the creek! But, be careful, the mineral rocks are slippery and watch for the waterfall and creek ledge! No fires outside designated areas, & no foraging please! Do not leave fires unattended. No gunfire or target shooting. No entrance deep inside the cave shall be permitted unless accompanied by management or with special permission. And, if you have your pet, Fido should be leashed AT ALL TIMES--no exceptions. We are very pet friendly so most other guests bring dogs as well. No fishing unless authorised, and do not remove anything from the creek or property. Place all furniture at your site back to its original location upon leaving. Please, upon leaving, place your trash in the cans at the entrance, and please make sure the campsite is as clean as you found it to avoid fines. This property is an unusually rare tract of land, and a unique nature preserve, so please leave the site as you found it. Advisory for winter campers esp.: Often the naturally running, siphon fed water at your site--a free extra provided at our sites--may be off due to cold snaps and freezing/maintenance issues; however, if this happens during your stay, you will always have the 5-gallon water cooler provided with all Tentrr sites, but the water is from a well, so we make no guarantees as to its quality, so please bring drinking water. Check in is contactless, though host generally checks in with guests after arrival. But that is not always possible. Please look for checkin board at arrival. Please read the check in board at arrival; failure to do so could cause issues leading to fines. Finally, if you are an avid author of negative reviews, we suggest you kindly look elsewhere. We do our best to provide you with the best experience possible and wish to address any rare or unfortunate problems as they may possibly occur and not after your stay. Please let us know how we can help with any issues rare as they are during your stay and not after. If you truly did not enjoy your stay we will gladly refund your booking amount.

From Melbourne, FL, I'm a teacher with my MA in French from UVA. After my study & teaching in Richmond & at UVA, I'm fortunate to now be in nature. I love being outdoors: managing our family lands in FL, VA, & WV. And, I spend much of my time at Beaverdam Falls--our private family property. But, really, we're just custodians! We share this land with campers & visitors through Tentrr & Airbnb, and for events, but our goal is maintaining our land as a private nature preserve, esp. for beavers!
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Site Rules
Respect the land and tent as you would your own.
  • What you carry in, you must carry out!
  • Check campsite for trash or belongings.
  • Carefully pack up the pop-up tent (if you used it).
  • Clean out Tentrr CampBox (take your BBQ sauce!).
  • Place (empty) Tentrr Loo inside canvas tent.
  • Zip up all tent windows and doors (clasps, too).
  • Take garbage bag(s) to designated trash point (check with your Campkeeper).
  • Clean up after your dog.
  • Clean grill with brush after use.
Respect & Safety
  • Don't carve your name into anything.
  • Don't cut down trees.
  • Look out for poison ivy, poison oak and sumac.
  • Check yourself for ticks every 6 hours.
The minimum cleaning fee is $50 and will be charged for leaving a campsite a mess.

Plans change, Mother Nature may not cooperate. We get it.
Choose from different cancellation options at checkout, based on what works best for you and your trip planning.