Little Compton, RI

Maurolou Farm

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Come be at peace at our coastal family farm campsite.

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This is a Tentrr Signature Site
This site has been selected by our team and set up with the standard Tentrr kit.
This site is located within a state park and includes the standard Tentrr kit. Please see Site Guidelines below for more details.
Partner sites are privately owned sites that may have modern amenities located on the property.
Backcountry sites let you enjoy traditional camping on private land. You need to bring your own tent and supplies.
Site Highlights
Parking On-Site
6 campers
Check in: 13:00
Check out: 11:30
Pet friendly
Rain Guarantee available
Fire ban in effect

Tucked between the edge of our woods and farm pastures, our campsite offers seclusion, and a beautiful view of the Quicksand Pond and the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy the swans as they float by and on a clear night, a star filled sky. This tent site is a 45 min. drive to Providence, Newport, and Cape Cod; and an hour and a half to Boston. The beach is just around the corner. Little Compton is a beautiful farming/fishing community filled with history and country roads perfect for biking or driving excursions. Sampling of near by attractions within 15-minutes of the campsite include: Sakonnet Vineyards, Buzzards Bay Brewery, and Tiverton 4 Corners Artisan Shops. The many farm stands in town offer all you need for fresh produce.

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Site Guidelines

*Do enjoy our hammock, fire pit, and canoe. For canoeing on the pond, appropriate footwear must be worn. *Please don’t carve your name into anything. *Please don’t cut down trees. *Look out for poison ivy, poison oak, and sumac. *Check for ticks regularly. *There is a minimum cleaning fee of $50 for leaving our campsite a mess.

Mom and Dad (Maureen and Lou) moved here in 1954 to start their dairy farm and raise their 7 children. While we didn’t get Dad’s passion for milking at 4:30 every morning, 7 days a week, we do have a few furry friends wandering the fields. We welcome you to enjoy the peace and beauty of our home.
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Site Rules
Respect the land and tent as you would your own.
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Respect & Safety
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The Unity Blaze is a symbol that promotes unity in the outdoors and reiterates our commitment to “Treat Everyone, Everywhere, Equally.”
Don't carve your name into anything, or cut down trees. In general, treat the property and all the animals with the utmost respect.
The minimum cleaning fee is $50 and will be charged for leaving a campsite a mess.

Plans change, Mother Nature may not cooperate. We get it.
Choose from different cancellation options at checkout, based on what works best for you and your trip planning.

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