Argyle, NY

The Mellow Submarine Camp

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Get mellow... cool your jets. Relax and unwind in our tent AND our Groovy little 15' vintage camper in a huge field of green, set in its own niche of 28 acres of forest and field, and private 10' x12' deck. We also own two other Tentrr sites, The Magic Glamp (see our reviews from happy campers!) and The Perfect Pitch Tent Site w Loo House and Shower.Watch our progress on Instagram and meet Ray and Vicki: and soon YouTube.

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This is a Tentrr Partner Site
This site has been selected by our team and set up with the standard Tentrr kit.
This site is located within a state park and includes the standard Tentrr kit. Please see Site Guidelines below for more details.
Partner sites are privately owned sites that may have modern amenities located on the property.
Backcountry sites let you enjoy traditional camping on private land. You need to bring your own tent and supplies.
Site Highlights
  • Parking On-Site
  • 14 campers
  • Check in: 15:00
  • Check out: 12:00
  • Pet friendly

Be your own Nowhere Man... Get away in safety and freedom... Breathe easy! A 10 x 12 tent with air mattress, pillows AND deck privately tucked into a forest dimple, ANNNND a 15' fully stocked vintage camper and MORE in a huge field of green! It's a GROOVY little off-grid glamping experience with acres of space set in its own corner of 28 acres of forest and field. It's a tiny home away from home but SO much more. The Mellow Submarine has a three burner stove and fridge that runs on propane (included). It is stocked with retro dishes, psychedelic pots and pans, linens, towels, toilet paper, paper towels, a rainbow kettle and French press, some lanterns and SO MUCH MORE!! There is a *tiny itty bitty we're not kidding!* potty in the camper, but we prefer campers use the more comfy and spacious Lovely Loo & Shower House which is just steps away, and you will, too! Outside you have acres and acres of fields with neatly mowed paths wide enough for three or more all over the property that helps keep your walk tick-free. There's an outdoor three-person swing for MAJOR relaxation watching the sun rise & set and for gazing at the EXPANSIVE sky. At night, you might hear a nearby stream (sometimes. It's vernal, which means you'll hear it in wet weather in the Spring but maybe not in the hot Summer), owls and crickets, frogs and raccoons, sometimes even coyotes. In the morning, there's a rooster crowing in the barn. You'll see so many stars and the moonscapes are FAR OUT. Enjoy the large enclosed fire pit perfect for small gatherings and the farm-built picnic table. Want company? Invite your friends! The camper sleeps 4 tightly, but we include a tent that sleeps 6-8, set up and ready, and there's an extra tent package (see extras) that will accommodate 3 more, and campers with their own tents are welcome up to 14, and there's LOTS of room for to pitch about 6 tents or even rent one from us. Don't feel like cooking and don't want to leave? Check out our extras and take advantage of our hospitality. Allow us to "make your stay" and order yourself the Brekkie Basket, once, or for EVERY day you are here. Just let us know when you want it, and it will magically, mysteriously tour to your camper door! Of course, if there's ever anything you need, we are but a text away.

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Site Guidelines

Large pets are not allowed in the camper, but are welcome to stay with you in your tent or be tethered by the pup shelter on premises. Park where we ask you to. Do not put your vehicle in the middle of the campsite. Do you know TITO? He believes what you Take In, you should also Take Out :) Let's keep it clean and green, baby! NO Smoking in the camper. You may smoke outside, but please dispose of stanky butts properly. DO Empty your loo upon leaving by taking your loo bag and depositing in the garbage can. There will be a $50 per loo cleaning fee for loos left unemptied upon checkout.

Ray and Vicki
Wishes DO come true at the Magic Glamp & it's so groovy at The Mellow Submarine camper, or set up a tent at The Perfect Pitch! There are Three great vacations here, with acres of green in between. Noble Homestead is pleased to share this wonderland with you. Vicki is an Herbalist, Artist & maker of ALL things. Ray enjoys working here in the peace n' quiet of our homestead. We are excited to "make your stay" an enchanting experience. It's just going to get better and better!
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Site Rules
Respect the land and tent as you would your own.
  • What you carry in, you must carry out!
  • Check campsite for trash or belongings.
  • Carefully pack up the pop-up tent (if you used it).
  • Clean out Tentrr CampBox (take your BBQ sauce!).
  • Place (empty) Tentrr Loo inside canvas tent.
  • Zip up all tent windows and doors (clasps, too).
  • Take garbage bag(s) to designated trash point (check with your Campkeeper).
  • Clean up after your dog.
  • Clean grill with brush after use.
Respect & Safety
  • Don't carve your name into anything.
  • Don't cut down trees.
  • Look out for poison ivy, poison oak and sumac.
  • Check yourself for ticks every 6 hours.
The minimum cleaning fee is $50 and will be charged for leaving a campsite a mess.

Plans change, Mother Nature may not cooperate. We get it.
Choose from different cancellation options at checkout, based on what works best for you and your trip planning.