Pure Golden Hour Tentrr Experience
Santa Cruz, CA

Artemis, Cozy Tent in the Redwoods, Pure Gold

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Working farm next to miles of state park.

Site Highlights
Parking On-Site
4 campers
Check in: 15:00
Check out: 11:00
Pet friendly
Rain Guarantee available
Fire ban in effect

To contact host with questions, please email artemistentrr@gmail.com for a quick response. Artemis is a private cozy tent with a wood-burning stove, queen bed with full bedding, with lots of animals around the property. Fires are allowed inside and out! There is no cell service at the site. This campsite is steps away from stunningly beautiful hiking, bicycling and horse trails in the redwoods that open up to the ocean and Santa Cruz mountain views to the west; to the east is a working farm with an orchard, chickens, baby goats, one horse, one baby horse, one pony, and a wild Kiger mustang that may be grazing near your site. It is a roughly 4 mile hike or ride to the ocean from the tent. The house is not far from the site, but the tent is still very private. There is a platform in the redwood stand behind the tent with an extra toilet and place to hang the solar shower (which is sunning on a chair 30 yards away in the orchard). Behind that campers will find the gate to the park, and the trail which is just beyond the gate. Either direction is beautiful. Very important: during non-fire season, in order to make a fire in the interior tent stove, you must bring your own VERY dry kindling, LOTS of paper and wood. We have wood on site, but during the winter months it is sometimes too damp for this stove. Start small, be patient, it takes skill for any stove like this when it's cold. For parties over 2 campers, there are two blow up camping mats under the bed, along with the smaller canvas tent. The pumps are in the right cabinet next to the bed. DIRECTIONS- From Santa Cruz, follow Empire grade up about 1.5 miles and turn left at the big blue colorfully painted mailboxes, you'll see 2215 on the tree and a hazard triangle. Go straight past the stop sign for a quarter-mile (take road slow, very bumpy), turn left at the little blue truck before the house at the Tentrr sign, follow to the end of the wood chip road (100 yards, 20 yards from the tent). There is no cell service at the site.

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Pure Golden Hour Experience

Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life with this complimentary immersion of Artemis ranch courtesy of Pure Gold. You'll experience a botanical paradise as you pick seasonal fruits or avocados and interact with the farm animals. Enjoy the fresh air as you feed the chickens, pet the goats or treat the horses with apples. The farm manager will guide your experience of this unique working farm. Afterward, enjoy a cup of seasonal home-brewed tea or coffee which you can sip on the front porch of your tent.

Note: Complimentary experiences are valid for two guests per stay unless otherwise noted. Larger groups can participate but will be charged for each additional camper. Excursions that are canceled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances have no monetary value.
Gwyneth and Daisy
Love traveling the countryside and want to share that joy with others
Pure Golden Hour Tentrr Experience

A whole new way to experience the outdoors

Tentrr Golden Hour Kits

Site enhancements available at this site (Your site may have either Jenga or Cornhole. Colors may vary. Items are part of the site and not to be removed.)

Branded Acrylic Glasses
Beer Buckets
Decorative Pillows
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Giant Jenga
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Pure Golden Hour Pillows
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Site Guidelines

Site guidelines Dogs are welcome, though are best kept inside the tent during the night because of mountain lions and coyotes. Keep food inside at night. There are horses on the property who are very friendly and do not mind dogs, but take care with dogs around them just in case. There is poison oak not far from the site, take caution. This site is equipped with solar lights, battery-powered candles, and garbage bags. The bed is made with full sheets and blankets so no worries bringing extra blankets, unless for extra guests.

Site Rules
Respect the land and tent as you would your own.
  • What you carry in, you must carry out!
  • Check campsite for trash or belongings.
  • Carefully pack up the pop-up tent (if you used it).
  • Clean out Tentrr CampBox (take your BBQ sauce!).
  • Place (empty) Tentrr Loo inside canvas tent.
  • Zip up all tent windows and doors (clasps, too).
  • Take garbage bag(s) to designated trash point (check with your Campkeeper).
  • Clean up after your pet.
  • Clean grill with brush after use.
Respect & Safety
unity blaze icon
The Unity Blaze is a symbol that promotes unity in the outdoors and reiterates our commitment to “Treat Everyone, Everywhere, Equally.”
Don't carve your name into anything, or cut down trees. In general, treat the property and all the animals with the utmost respect.
The minimum cleaning fee is $50 and will be charged for leaving a campsite a mess.

Plans change, Mother Nature may not cooperate. We get it.
Choose from different cancellation options at checkout, based on what works best for you and your trip planning.

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