Best Camping in Virginia

When you are looking for a great camping experience, there is nothing better than finding the perfect spot in Virginia to do so. It can be difficult to find campgrounds in this popular state, but there are many that can provide a fun and relaxing way to spend your vacation. Some of the top camping in Virginia are located away from popular spots, offering you a unique camping experience you won't find at any other campground in the area. The following tips will help you choose the perfect campground to make your trip enjoyable and hassle free. Whether you enjoy hiking, canoeing, swimming, fishing, boating, or horseback riding, there is camping in Virginia that will meet your every need.

One of the most popular ways for campers to travel in Virginia is to go to the Chantilly National Park. Located in the heart of Virginia, Chantilly features world class campgrounds and picnic areas as well as numerous other attractions such as the historic Thomas Jefferson House. Some of the best backcountry camping in Virginia are located near Chantilly, including several campgrounds at nearby Seven Devils Lake, which offers camping close to beautiful scenery and views of the surrounding forest canopy.

Other top locations for camping in Virginia include the American Heritage RV Park in Sterling and the historic Camp David RV Resort in Camp Lease, both in Sterling. Other popular campgrounds include the River Ridge Trail system in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which offers a challenging hiking trail, river rafting trips, and camping in any season. Hikers and backpackers also adore the Putnam County park system, which offer camping in the Everglades, access to Nature Walks, and trail rides in its 16-mile long network of trails. The county also offers a campground within it's boundaries in Blenheim, making it even more convenient for campers to visit nearby attractions and save time on the road.

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