Best Camping in Tennessee

If you are looking for a family camping trip in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee here are a few tips for making sure your family is safe and happy during their stay. The summer can be a beautiful time in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, but that beautiful weather is also filled with dangers that can all take a toll on your little children. Even the best campgrounds in the area have their ups and downs, so selecting the right campsite, staying safe, and using your common sense will go a long way to keeping everyone happy and healthy. Camping in Tennessee is a popular activity, so there are many different types of campsites to choose from as well as various levels of difficulty, so you should find a campsite that fits everyone's need for a good time.

One of the greatest places for a family camping trip in Tennessee is at the famous Meriwether Lewis campground. This campground is located near the Soddy Daisy River in Black Mountain and offers miles of hiking trails that wind around the forest canopy. Along the way, you will experience the wonderful sights of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Soddy Daisy River Valley. Many visitors come to this area just to explore the natural environment and wildlife, or they may want to hike the many hiking trails for the thrill of it. There are two main hiking trails and a number of other trails that anyone with a love of the great outdoors and hiking can get their hands dirty with.

Of course, tent camping is by far the most popular way to spend a night in the mountains, so that is where the majority of the visitors to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina go. There are a number of different primitive camping areas in the state park, but one of the most popular is called Rock Mountain Camping Area. Here, you will find modern amenities with hookups for your car, water, electricity and sewer. With its close proximity to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, you will also be able to explore this huge park on foot if you like. There is something for everyone in this camping area, which means that camping in Tennessee is more than worth the time you put into researching your itinerary.

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