Best Camping in Oregon

Camping in Oregon can be a great way to enjoy the beautiful landscape and natural treasures of the state. Oregon is an ideal state for camping on the West Coast, with over half of the state already on publicly owned lands. Also, over thirty percent of Oregon is in state park areas, giving you access to some of the most scenic and challenging hiking grounds in the country. However, Oregon does have some drawbacks to camping in Oregon that may deter some potential campers from even setting up camp there. The most notable of these is state park camping, which is only offered seasonally during certain months of the year. And if you plan to hike along the numerous hiking trails in the state, it will be best to schedule your camping trip during one of those months.

Hiking is one of the best ways to see Oregon's vast wilderness, but there are many hiking locations in the state that are off-limits to campers because they are considered off-limits due to dangerous hiking conditions. This includes the Columbia River Gorge, where a back country of brushy trees and steep cliffs run through the gorge. There is no camping allowed on the trails in this location, and campers are strongly encouraged to pack plenty of food and water to make their stay comfortable. In addition, the state parkways are also very busy with both tourists and local wildlife, so be sure to check before setting up your tent as there may be limits to camping in these areas.

One of the most popular types of Oregon campgrounds is located near the small community of Anacapa in Grants Pass, which sits just above the Columbia River and includes Oregon's highest peak. Camping at this popular campground is extremely popular, with over two hundred tents and RV sites situated on ten acres of nearby forested land. This Lake Mosorrhiza State Park campground is popular among hikers and backpackers alike because there is easy access to the scenic Mount Hood Trail as well as other designated hiking trails. The lake itself offers an excellent outdoor swimming experience, as well as boat docks, picnic areas, and swimming beaches for your enjoyment. It is recommended that campers arrive early to secure a good spot for sleeping and a good spot for fishing.

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