Best Camping in New York

Camping in New York is a popular activity among the people who live there. For camping in New York you need to choose a campground according to your liking and budget. Some of the preferred campgrounds for camping are at the Finger Lakes and Catskill. Here you will get camping spots such as the famous Finger Lakes Family Camping Resort which provides themed weekends, swimming pool parties, and other day-time activities. One of the most preferred New York destinations is Watkins Glen State Park, which has several waterfalls inside a 2 mile hike.

The Catskill State Park is another preferred destination for camping in New York. It offers camping spots including RV sites, primitive sites, cabins, motels, hotels and picnic tables. Another most preferred camping place in New York is at the Rockaway Resort State Park. This campground offers many amenities such as swimming pools, boat docks, and playgrounds. In addition, camping in New York is becoming very easy due to the large number of campgrounds spread all across the state.

For hiking in New York, if you want to go to the White Plains or Mohonk Mountain then you will have to go by foot. However, if you want to camp then you can do so at any of the campsites throughout New York. For more adventure, you can go to Camp Riverhead, which is situated near White Plains, New York. You can also go to the Finger Lakes and Catskill state parks if you prefer hiking or camping over sleeping in a tent.

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