Best Camping in Michigan

Camping in Michigan, is a wonderful way to get out into the great outdoors and to connect with nature. You can find camping in Michigan just about anywhere; you just need to know where to go. One of the best ways to find campground locations is to use the internet to find local map and travel guides. Then, using the information you find you can plan your next camping trip and choose the best campground locations that are near you.

Camping at any of the many great campgrounds in Michigan also includes hiking along America's most popular trails - the Great Lakes Trail system. Hiking along the Great Lakes Trail allows you to see some of Michigan's best natural scenery - beautiful fields, forests, and meadows. When you are on your camping trip, consider using the trails to do some hiking as well. Camping at one of the campgrounds close to the trails will allow you to spend some time at the Falls or at one of the hiking campsites located near the foot of Lower Falls.

If you prefer to camp at a campground then you can choose one of several campgrounds at the Tawas Point lighthouse, which is on the National Park's Black River shore. This campground offers all of the amenities and privacy that you would expect at a campground, such as running water, electricity, fire rings, and group showers. Of course, if you prefer to hike then you can bring your own hiking gear and find an enjoyable way to get to the top of Mount Tawas Point.

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