Best Camping in Georgia

Hiking, camping and swimming are among the many activities that can be enjoyed in Georgia's mountains, rivers and beaches. Georgia is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. This includes the majestic mountains of Appalachian foothills, rolling hills of metro Atlanta and the beautiful rolling hills of south central Georgia. Camping is abundant in the great Georgia mountains as well as along the shores of the Atlantic. Whether you prefer the tall mountains or rolling hills for your outdoor adventure, Georgia has the right destination for you.

If you are planning on hiking, hunting or fishing on your trip to Georgia will certainly be a fun filled event. The amazing Georgia mountains are sure to offer you some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Southeast. Hiking paths wind around the state park and camping sites, providing the hiker with amazing views of the surrounding mountains. Paved roads make navigating the campground an easy task, while the close proximity to the seven-mile long Amicalola Falls and other state park trails set Georgia mountain resort apart from its competitors.

Georgia's wilderness is also found in the quiet and serene atmosphere of the coastal plain. Guided kayaking through the beautiful coastal plain is an excellent way to see wildflowers in bloom, unique wildlife and breathtaking views of the waterfalls that form the state park. If you are looking for solitude, hiking and waterfalls are a must do. If you are interested in camping, there are numerous campgrounds in the area that cater to the traveler. Mountain cabin, RV site or tent camping in Georgia will allow you to enjoy nature and still have all the modern conveniences that you desire.

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