Best Camping in California

It's no wonder that California provides some of the absolute best camping in the nation. With over 110 state parks, 7 national parks, 6 state parks plus more, camping in California is certain to be one of the most rewarding views you will ever get. The large number of parks and forests provide year round outdoor fun, but there are many other things to keep in mind when going camping in California. One of the biggest things that I've always found interesting is the various fishing opportunities that are available to campers in California. As a matter of fact, the state parks even have fishing boat ramps where you can sit and wait for a great catch.

There are many camping in California options where you can enjoy fishing, hiking, and boating along the numerous beaches and rivers in and around the state. The best option by far for camping in California would be to stay at one of the many state parks or forest campgrounds, some which are even within easy driving distance to a beach campground. There you'll have the convenience of either taking a car or bike to the beach campground, while still being on the trail to explore the beautiful mountains, ocean, and forest areas.

Another wonderful option for camping near San Diego would be to stay at one of the various marinas along the Pacific Ocean. Boating and fishing are a common activity here, and there is also a large variety of vacation rental homes and condos that offer everything from privacy to full board lodging. For those interested in hiking, you might consider camping near some of the treks that head out from the Pacific Ocean. Some of these treks will take you up into the steep mountains, where you'll often find beautiful waterfalls and lush vegetation. You'll also be able to enjoy the sandy beaches near the rivers, as you make your way to the high peaks of San Diego.

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