Best Camping in Arizona

Camping in Arizona is an all year round affair: spring and summer are ideal times to head up into the mountains, high-altitude valleys and creeks for camping, and winter camping in Arizona can truly be beat as well. Thanks to six National Forests, 22 National Parks and numerous other State Parks, Arizona is home to endless camping possibilities, whether you're backpacking it on foot or tent-bound under the stars. You will find that Arizona has something for everyone: hunting and fishing, mountain biking and hiking, ATVing and snowboarding, boating and canoeing, and of course, camping! Camping is one of the most popular activities in Arizona, so there is plenty of variety when it comes to campgrounds. There are some campgrounds especially for families, children and senior citizens, but even many RV campgrounds welcome both families with kids! For those who prefer not to travel far from home, campgrounds near beautiful towns offer overnight accommodations, and there are also mobile motels that cater to campers who enjoy hook-ups and don't need the space or privacy that hotel room offers.

When camping in Arizona, the best way to start your adventure is by looking for campgrounds in the area, either through the local Park Information or the state tourism office. The state park district has a lot of information on various campgrounds throughout Arizona, including what you can do at the campground, where to park, fees and special events, and whatnot. However, if you are looking for a newer campground with less crowded camp sites and closer to a variety of attractions, you may want to take a hike or drive around the area, looking for campground locations and asking about campground etiquette. This is especially important if you are taking children or are travelling with a dog.

Hiking and camping in Arizona are popular pastimes because of the state's amazing scenery and abundant recreational opportunities. One of the best ways to experience Arizona's beauty is through hiking and camping, which are both great fitness activities and outdoor adventures. Hiking throughout Arizona offers hikers plenty of scenic hiking trails and forested campgrounds that are close to water. The state also has some excellent camping options, with parks that offer RV hookups, cabins and private areas. You can find a suitable camping location and explore Arizona's rich natural beauty with a little research online and off.

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