Getting cozy around a fireplace, drinking hot chocolate, and watching a movie is always fun, but there are plenty of other winter activities that you and the kids don’t want to miss by staying inside. So grab your hats and put on your puffiest coats because it’s time to get outside!

1. Making Snow Cones From Real Snow

If you think snow cones are for summer, do we have a surprise for you. All you need is freshly fallen snow and flavored syrup. This is a delicious treat your kids will be sure to enjoy making.

2. Sled Relay Race

Remember being a kid during a big snow—grabbing your sled and hitting the biggest hill in the neighborhood? Well, let’s spice it up a bit! First one to fly down the hill, make a snow angel, pack a snowball, and run back up the hill wins.

3. Make a Snow Animal

Do you wanna build a snowman? Well, how about a snow animal? Make a creative twist on this classic activity. You can create snow caterpillars, snow cats, snow monkeys, and basically anything you can think of!

4. Creative S’more Making Contest

Sometimes classics are classics for a reason! Grab the kids, gather around a warm, roaring fire, tell some stories, and make some gooey creative s’mores. Go down the candy aisle at the store and let the creative s’more imagination go a little wild. Ideas include: oreo s’mores, pretzel s’mores, salted dark chocolate, and more.

5. Winter Scavenger Hunt/Animal Search

Scavenger hunts aren’t exclusive to the summer. There are plenty of awesome things you can search for even in the cold! Look for pinecones, walnuts, squirrels, deer, and bunnies! Have fun and stay warm!