Camping in Montana is a dream for many throughout the world. Here’s why: Did you know that the word Montana comes from the Spanish “mountainous”? Another fun fact: 30 percent of Montana  is public land—approximately 28 million acres. Montana is often referred to as “Big Sky Country,” and rightfully so. These lands hold a story, and one that includes a deep connection with the woods, prairie-lands, and yes, the skies.

Montana’s rich landscapes is why we’re happy to bring you enticing camping both in the backcountry as well as glamping style. Our signature sites will give you a comfortable time in the wild while our backcountry sites tend to a more adventurous mood. Check out our offerings below!

1. Gold Rush Campsite

Gold Rush Campsite is a Tentrr Signature Site located near a secluded creekside where settlers used to pan for gold. Here, you’ll have access to the many amenities you can expect from all of our Signature Sites, including a deluxe canvas tent (with a queen bed inside!), sun shower, water carrier, campfire grill, and our signature adirondack chairs.

The main thing to know about this site is that the beautiful creek sound will sing you to sleep, a favorite among visitors. Enjoy this pleasurable nook among the pines—one of the best ways to experience camping in Montana!

2. Happy Trails

This rustic western camping at Happy Trails is also a Tentrr Signature Sites and includes all of the special amenities therein. It is also very near the previous site, Gold Rush Campsite.

Here’s what Tentrr camper Enxo S. has to say about their experience here: “Greatest camping experience, beautiful view. Amazing memories, and is overlooked by the most wonderful person.” Indeed, RayLynne is a renowned Campkeeper among visitors. She shares her 20 acres with the passion of a true outdoor enthusiast.

3. Gold Sky Campsite

Time for a Tentrr Backcountry Site! Gold Sky Campsite is a miraculous 170 acre sustainable farm. Campkeeper Nick offers camping here surrounded by 5 often snow-y mountain ranges.

Open skies, peace and quiet, nature in her purest form, and close proximity to both Bozeman and Yellowstone—Gold Sky Campsite is basically a must for a full Montana experience.

4. Wild Iris Meadow

Another Backcountry Site, this time with Bridger Mountain Range in view, Wild Iris Meadow is another premier Montana camping spot for the wild at heart. If you’re camping in Montana, stop by here with your tent for plenty of stars and miraculous mountain views.

Wild Iris Meadow is actually an alpaca ranch owned by Campkeeper Anne. Here, you’re bound to experience lots of wildlife including bald eagles, foxes, ducks, and white tailed deer. Also, Gallatin river is accessible. Great for fishing!

5. Tobacco Root Mountains

We end with one last wild camping spot also located on Campkeeper Anne’s land. This spot is special due to stunning views of (as the name implies) the Tobacco Root Mountains. At this camping in Montana, you’ll be among juniper trees and a singing creek that keeps her song year-round.

A quick note: Anne offers Alpaca tours for a small fee. She is also happy to offer various goods made from the very fur of her alpacas!