We have some big news, ya'll. We just found out that we had the two most adorable guests visit Slippery Rock River Retreat in Greene, ME. But check this: our cute guests named Dave and Lizzie are actually dogs. Dave is a Dachshund, and Lizzie is a Corgi. Together, they make up the Instagram account @theweenandthequeen.

Dave and Lizzie spent their weekend splashing around in the lake and canoing their hearts out. As their human translator stated, "The dogs couldn't have loved our little Maine escape more. Because we were next to the water, they could splash in the sandy shallows, ride in our canoe, and run around in the woods." We are just ecstatic that we were four-pawed approved by the cutest NYC pups (shhh.. we don't pick favorites).

To read more about Dave and Lizzie's weekend of excitement, check out this wonderful article written by The Dapple.